Are there any building regulations to consider before installing an additional bathroom or utility room?

Yes. Building regs allow a macerator to be installed where there is already access to a WC, so if your property has a toilet then you will be O.K. However you will need to comply with Electrical regulations if running new appliance cable within a kitchen or bathroom.

Can I put anything in the WC, will anything block the unit?

It is designed to work just like a WC, so it will remove WC waste and water. But as is the case with a standard WC, items such as sanitary towels and condoms could block or jam the unit.

Will I need inlet adaptors to connect pipe work to the unit?

No, each unit comes with inlet adaptors included.

What is the pipe diameter required to remove waste?

The Wasteflo WC1, WC2 and WC3 macerators feature an outlet adaptor which can easily be configured for use with either 22mm, 28mm or 32mm diameter waste pipe.

Note though that the use of 32mm diameter pipe wil maximise the vertical and horizontal distances that these products can pump waste.

The Wasteflo LS5 Lifting Station requires the use of 32mm diameter waste pipe and this should not be reduced.

Can I connect a WC Pan to the Lifting Station?

No. This is purely a lifting station NOT a Macerator.

Can I use the LS5 lifting station with a washing machine or dishwasher?

Yes. The  LS5 is designed to withstand maximum water temperatures of 70°C through the top inlets. Washing machines and dishwashers MUST be connected to the top inlets. Please refer to the  installation guide.

Can I use the LS5 lifting station with a sink and waste disposal unit?

Yes. It is recommended that no small solid food waste such as fruit pips are introduced into the lifting station as these will cause the unit to jam and may cause damage.

What can I use to clean or disinfect the unit?

The Stuart Turner Wasteflo range doesn't require specialised disinfectants or harsh chemicals. Standard cleaning materials such as bleach or household disinfectants can be used.

Are they easy to clean and maintain?

Yes. These units DO NOT require any special cleaning regime or regular maintenance.